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Common Facility Centre (CFC) :

Vision: : To empower the human potential in education, research, and service

Mission: To participate in basic and applied research of high quality, influence, visibility and utility.

Sophisticated analytical instruments are vital for pursuing research in many areas of drug discovery and formulation development. TKCP has set up common facility centre to provide the facilities of sophisticated analytical instruments to the research students and faculty enabling them to pursue R&D activities requiring such facilities and keep pace with developments taking place globally.

College intends to organize short term courses/training programmes/workshops by the CFC on use and application of various instruments and analytical techniques to create awareness among the research community about them and on maintenance/repair/operation of the instruments for technicians.
Instruments included in CFC as on date are:

  • HPLC
  • UV-Visible spectrophotometer
  • Ultracentrifuge
  • Electronic balance


Lecturer & HOD

Dr.Mrs. S.R.Desai

Lab Assistant

Mr. Dnyanded Pange





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