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Computer Lab :

Vision: : To empower the human potential in education, research, and service

Mission: To participate in basic and applied research of high quality, influence, visibility and utility.

Computers have improved remarkably in both availability   and capability, and their use in pharmacy education is increasing as these technologies that will truly maximize our efficiency and effectiveness through their use in our practice.

Computers educate the minds and spirits of students within a learning environment that increases intellectuality, character building, and leads to a life of learning. Computers teach an appropriate curriculum in a manner that prepares our students to be life-long learners and to be successful in industrial and academic settings. Computers helps to maintain relationships with those within our profession e.g. pharmaceutical industries, government etc.

In computer laboratory, 55 computers are available to explore applications of computers in pharmacy education. Fifty three computers are desktops of high configuration and of reputed companies like DELL and HCL. Two computers are laptops of high configuration and reputed company like DELL. Six printers and two LCD projectors are available for printing and various presentations like seminars respectively.
Experiments conducted in computer Laboratory include following:

  • Fundamentals
  • Anatomy & Computer Peripherals
  • Introduction to Operating systems
  • Internet
  • Computer applications in pharmacy


Lecturer & HOD

Mr. Sandeep D. Chavan

Lab Assistant

Mr. Sachin K. Bhosale

Lab Assistant

Mr. Sachin B. Kattimani




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