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Department & Laboratories
Department of Pharmacology:

Vision: Nurturin to become a centre of excellence in preclinical research.

Mission: To train the students in all practical and theoretical aspects of pharmacology individually, promoting research activities in preclinical pharmacology.

Pharmacology is the science concerned with all aspect of action of drug and other chemicals on living system. It involves examining the interactions of chemical substances with living systems, with a view to understand the properties of drugs and their actions at the molecular level. It encompasses the subjects like anatomy, physiology, health education and toxicology.

We impart effective academic research and novel teaching methods to develop the graduates who will contribute to developments in medical field. The young, dynamic and meritorious faculty of the department with our well equipped laboratory helps to train the students in all aspects of subject.
The department has highly sophisticated instruments like   Students Physiograph, Actophotometer, Analgesiometer, Electro-convulsometer, Pole climbing apparatus, Rota rod apparatus, Projection microscope, Students organ bath and assembly,   Kymographs and Sherrington's drums etc.
The CPCSEA approved animal house for rats, mice, guinea pigs and rabbits with all facilities and frogery for housing frogs is available.


Mr. Vikram Hemant Potdar

Mr. Sandip Dinkar Chavan


Mr. Ajit Baburao Patil

Laboratories under Pharmacology Department:


  • Human Anatomy and Physiology Lab
  • Pharmacology Lab

Experiments conducted in laboratory mainly includes core areas like;

  • Pharmacological screening and preclinical studies
  • Hematological, Histological and Organ studies
  • Study of laboratory animals and equipments
  • Bioassay methods and isolated frog heart preparations techniques




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