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Entreprenuership Development cell

Institute is taking lots of efforts in this department. Every year we are organizing different symposiums and workshops. In these workshops we call different experts from academics, industry and people from social background to guide the students about business and its development. .


Career Development cell

Taking the right decisions at the right time is a key thing in creating a good career. We at Tatyasaheb Kore College of Pharmacy started the Career Development Cell to give TKCPians a small glance of the larger horizon that takes him (her) by surprise. The Cell takes special effort to ensure students are on right track with educational and career goals, and helps them to identify the perfect career pathway.
The Cell assists students in understanding their strengths and interests and helps them in identifying career goals and to plan the career in such a way that it integrates one’s strengths, values and hobbies.
Students are encouraged and helped in their pursuit of higher studies. Relevant information regarding higher studies in India and abroad has been collated by the Cell and is available to the students
The Cell organizes Seminars, Workshops towards development of Soft Skill, organizing Industrial Training and Project Work for the students.


Lead College Activities Cell

A homogenous cluster of 10 to 15 colleges within an area fostering inter- institutional co-operation for overall development of all of them is the basic principle behind the concept of the ‘Lead College The concept is based on the belief, “Efforts of each and welfare of all In western countries ‘Lead Colleges are now a matter of routine activity. But for us, it is a very recent idea still to be talked about. Our mission is to make our colleges and the institutions of HE (Higher Education) achieve nationally and internationally acceptable standards. Shivaji University, Kolhapur started lead college scheme concept, for giving platform to the students of all the affiliated colleges to interact and to show their hidden potential. Under this auspice, sports, cultural events, national workshops were conducted in the various institutes affiliated to Shivaji University, Kolhapur.

The mission of the scheme: ‘Lead College is ‘Total Quality Management This concept aims to create inter institutional arrangements for Quality Assurance activities. Lead college shall be responsible for total quality management via the work in close co-operation with the constituent colleges for pursuit of excellence and continuous improvement in academic performance. In the light of varied objectives of Quality Drive, Student - Centric approach, returns to society and governance of all round excellence, we wish to propose the following schemes for the kind consideration of all who believe in the TEAM work. Because, TEAM means Together Everyone Achieves More.
Under Lead College scheme our college has conducted different activities such as Table-Tennis & Badminton Championship, Herbal Exhibition, Symposium on Traditional Remedies; Workshop on Intellectual Property Rights & Workshop on Personality Development etc.
Our college won following prizes in different lead college activity since 2006;


No. of Prizes

Research & Poster presentation













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